UHG enables Healthcare Providers to access business customers in a consistent, simple and efficient way

UHG allows businesses to access GPs, Specialists, Nurses, Allied Health Providers and more. Our businesses include life insurers, compulsory third party insurers, workers compensation insurers, legal firms, employers and government agencies. Current information and services procured include treating doctor reports, medical file copies, independent medical opinions, peer reviews, medical advice, health assessments, e’forms, vaccinations and tele-interviews

UHG provides quantifiable benefits for healthcare providers

Generate Income

Fill last minute cancellations and gaps in your schedule

Access Customers

Be selective and choose the work you want to do

Save Time

Interact with a variety of customers in one consistent way

PMS Integration

Manage requests in your Practice Management System


High level security for the sharing of health information

GPs and Medical Clinics

UHG has built a trusted relationship with GPs earned over many years. RACGP supports our aim to streamline the exchange of medical information from GPs to third parties reducing the red tape burden

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Connecting Business & General Practitioners

At UHG, we understand the ever-increasing pressures associated with everyday general practice. We have simplified the way you can gain access to and transact with businesses. UHG enables the extraction of medical information directly and securely from your practice management systems. It also allows businesses to access other services you may provide including health assessments or injury management consultations.

Services available from GPs

Health Assessments

Medical Information Retrieval (Files and Reports)

Injury Management Consultations

Occupational Vaccinations

Medical Specialists

Using UHG businesses can search, book, pay for and manage health information and services provided by Medical Specialists. It simplifies the process for you to transact with businesses for the purposes of procuring Independent Medical Opinions and Treating Doctor Reports.

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Connecting Business & Specialists

Broaden your reach

UHG is the perfect solution for Medical Specialists who want to appeal to a broader mix of customers and perform a variety of work but don’t have the time or connections to access those patients directly. You can be as selective as you wish, since the flexibility of UHG makes it easy to dictate the sort of work you want and when you want it.

Services available from Medical Specialists

Independent Examinations & Opinions

Expert Advisory

Treating Doctor Reports

Independent File and Peer Review

Health Assessments

Allied Health Providers

Allied Healthcare Providers can now gain access to a broad range of customer referral work simply by being listed on the medEbridge®  platform. We provide businesses with easy access to over 50,000 Healthcare Providers Australia-wide.

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Connecting Business & Allied Healthcare Providers

Greater variety and customer reach

medEbridge® will allow you to access a broader variety of customers and perform a wider scope of services. You can work flexible hours and select work as you wish.

Service you can provide

Rehabilitation Services

Health Assessments

Expert Advisory

Nurses & Pathology Collectors

Nurses and Pathology Collectors provide routine health exams and blood collections as well as Employee Health services including vaccinations and drug screenings. Our network of healthcare professionals are mobile and located throughout Australia. Businesses can make requests for these services on medEbridge®.

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Connecting Business & Nurses

Flexibility, variety and mobile

Freedom to work when you want to work and select the type of jobs that suit you. We receive requests Australia-wide and can offer many opportunities for Nurses and Pathology Collectors to work in city, regional and remote areas. medEbridge® will invoice the customer on your behalf and you will receive regular payments for your services without the need to chase payment from a multitude of customers.

Service you can provide

Occupational Vaccinations

Health Assessments

Blood Collection

ECG Tracing

Discover how UHG integrates with your Practice Management Systems

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