UHG Widget for MedicalDirector: fast, efficient and secure


Information requests can be completed electronically with relevant information extracted directly from medical records


Reduced printing, scanning and faxing means more time freed up for Practice staff


Requests are delivered directly to your desktop through MedicalDirector

Quicker Payments

Streamlined process ensures you receive payment faster

What is the UHG Widget for MedicalDirector and how does it work?

Practitioners can use the UHG for MedicalDirector to quickly and easily complete medical information requests such as treating doctor reports, medical file copies, independent medical opinions, peer reviews, medical advice, health assessments and electronic forms.

Information is requested from and captured into medEbridge®, UHG’s online technology platform, which seamlessly connects healthcare providers and businesses enabling them to transact securely and efficiently.

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Frequently asked questions

What does it cost?

There is no cost to use the UHG Widget. It’s a free product designed to reduce the administrative burden on medical professionals.

How secure is it?

Electronic medical information requests through the MedicalDirector Widget are delivered over a secure channel using HTTPS with 256-bit encryption. In addition, the UHG widget requires that the doctor specifically authorise all actions, including viewing and opening medical information requests.

Where does the medical information request go once it has been submitted?

Information submitted via the UHG Widget is immediately transferred to UHG’s secure online platform, medEbridge. Only UHG employees and the authorised insurer or business who has made the request have access to information in this environment.

Who can view the completed requests/documents that the doctor has submitted?

Only UHG employees and the authorised insurer of the patient will access the completed request on the UHG secure platform, medEbridge. The completed request will not be passed onto any other party.

Has the patient consented for their medical history to be transferred electronically?

All medical information requests have been sent to UHG from an insurer, and the patient will have completed an application for this insurance policy prior to UHG receiving the information request.


As part of this application process patients are required to provide authorisation (either electronically or hand signed) for the release of their medical information to UHG and the insurer. Each request will have the patient’s authorisation attached to the electronic medical information request for the Doctor to view.

Will my work save if I save and close the request?

Yes. All information entered will be saved to the request if the request is saved and closed at any point during completion.

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