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Easy, online and secure – medEbridge® has been developed utilising  best-of-breed technology enabling you to access health information and Healthcare Providers to meet your business needs

UHG offers businesses from a range of sectors access to a national marketplace of Healthcare Providers, all through our online medEbridge®platform

GPs, Specialists, Nurses and Allied Health Providers
It's time to get connected! You can now promote your skills and receive work from some of Australia's largest insurers, legal firms, government agencies and corporations.
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medEbridge® is UHG's proprietary online platform connecting Business and Healthcare Providers
medEbridge® is a flexible, modular and scalable online platform that meets the security standards of major financial institutions and government agencies
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Anita's Story — UHG in the real world

Anita applies for income protection insurance. Insurer ABC needs some health information in order to insure Anita.  Insurer ABC’s underwriter (Bob) logs into medEbridge® and requests a medical file copy from Anita’s GP and arranges a nurse to visit Anita’s home to complete a medical assessment.  medEbridge® coordinates all the requests from one place allowing Bob the underwriter to make sure Anita’s cover is put in place easily and quickly.

Anita's employer offers her an Employee Health Program

Anita’s HR department arranges a mini health check service and flu vaccination. The HR Officer orders the services via medEbridge®, which initiates a mobile nurse (Jill) to visit Anita. All of these requests are fulfilled from one place and the report is returned to the HR Officer securely and quickly via medEbridge®.

Anita has an accident at work

Anita trips on slippery steps at her work and injures her arm. When Anita phones her company’s employee help line, details of the incident are recorded. medEbridge® is used to search for a local Physiotherapist (George), who assesses the situation and develops a plan to get Anita back to work. The HR Officer is kept up-to-date throughout the entire process via medEbridge®.

Anita makes a Workers Compensation claim

Anita’s arm has become problematic and she is having trouble at work and playing sport. She lodges a Workers Compensation claim with her employer.

Claims Assessor, Mary, logs into medEbridge® and orders a Treating Doctor Report from her GP. Mary also searches the marketplace for an Orthopaedic Surgeon located near Anita’s workplace, who is qualified to perform an Independent Medical Examination.  All this information is returned to Mary via medEbridge® , allowing her to quickly and efficiently assess Anita’s claim.

Mary books Anita into a Rehab program

After receiving the IME report, the Claims Assessor (Mary) agrees that Anita requires Rehab services to get her back to full mobility. Mary requests OT services via medEbridge® from an OT at Rehab Company.

Mary's Rehab is successful

Anita undertakes a 6 week program with an OT (Sally) to rebuild her arm strength. A weekly report is returned to her insurer via medEbridge®. At the end of the program, Sally advises Anita that her treatment has been successful.

medEbridge® provides a range of benefits for businesses & healthcare providers

Efficiency & Productivity

Provides access to a fragmented market of Healthcare Providers in a standardised and efficient way

One Place

A single online platform with access to over 50,000 GPs, Specialists, Nurses, Allied Health and other professionals across Australia. Ability to track progress

Data Insights & Innovation

An award winning platform helping to drive innovation and improve industry outcomes.  A winner of BRW & AFR Innovation Awards 4 years running!

Security & Governance

medEbridge® meets the security standards of major financial institutions and government agencies and is the trusted platform used by some of Australia’s largest banks and corporations


Solutions and workflows can be customised to meet your objectives and ensure business processes are consistent and compliant


Thousands of business and healthcare users rely on medEbridge® to streamline the way they work together

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